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 Resources for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Family Support, Education and Advocacy

Financial Assistance for the Purchase of Hearing Aids

Website: http://www.dors.state.md.us/NR/rdonlyres/DF194636-F236-45D1-A3FB-9E319CE66095/0/Hearing_Aid_help.pdf

Pathways to Funding


West Virginia Family Support Program, Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities- Statewide service to assist families in accessing child care, home modifications, transportation and other needed supports. The Family Support Program provides leadership in family-centered and family-driven service coordination and planning.

Phone: (304) 558-0627

Fax: (304) 558-1008

Program Coordinators 

West Virginia Parent Training and Information, Inc.
- Consultation and support for parents of children with disabilities. Education and training services on special education policies, preparing for Individual Education Planning meetings and working collaboratively with school personnel.


Phone: (304) 624-1436 or 1-800- 281-1436

Fax: (304) 624-1438

Website: www.wvpti.org


West Virginia Advocates, Inc. - State designated protection and advocacy program for West Virginians with disabilities. WVA provides consultation and education services on human and legal rights.


Phone: (304) 346-0847 (V/TTY) or 1-800- 950-5250

Website: www.wvadvocates.org


Parent Network Specialists (PNS), WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities - Statewide network of parents who serve as advisors to parents of children with disabilities, administered by the University Center for Excellence in Disabilities, funded by the Office of Maternal Child and Family Health/Title V.


Phone/TDD: (304) 293-4692 or 1-800- 841-8436

Fax: (304) 293-7294

Website: www.cedwvu.org


Parent Educator Resource Centers (WV Department of Education) - Training and support for parents of students with disabilities. Parents and educators work as a team to provide positive collaborative relationships in school districts statewide. PERCs provide current information and resources on a wide variety of topics including parenting skills, education policies and obligations, problem solving, behavior support and other supports to strengthen the home-school partnership.


Phone: (304) 558-2696 (V/TDD) (800) 642-8541

Fax: (304) 558-3741

Website: http://wvde.state.wv.us


Parent Empowerment Network (PEN) - Organization striving to provide individual and systems advocacy and support, education and referral to parents who have disabilities and their families statewide.


Phone: (304) 391-2697

Fax: (304) 292-5217


Mountain State Parents, Children & Adolescent Network (MSPCAN) - Information and referral, emotional support and advocacy training for parents who have children with emotional, psychiatric and/or behavioral support needs.


Phone: (304) 233-5399

Fax: (304) 233-3847

Website: www.mspcan.org


Early Intervention and Pre-school Services


Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health, WV Birth to Three - Statewide, locally administered program to provide supports and services that assist families in meeting the developmental needs of their infant or toddler with special needs. All children under the age of three who are found eligible by having a developmental delay, medical condition or multiple risk factors are entitled to services needed by them and their family as identified on their Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). Program provides linkage to specialized therapy services in accordance with Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Act.


Phone: (304) 558-5388 or 1-800- 642-9704

Website: www.wvdhhr.org/mcfh


WV Department of Education, Office of Instructional Services - Kindergarten, early childhood education and Even Start programs. Programs provide assessment and specialized services for children ages 3 through 5.


Phone: (304) 558-2691 (V/TDD) (800) 642-8541

Website: http://wvde.state.wv.us


WV Head Start Association - Lead state agency that oversees 24 Head Start programs in WV. Disability services including individualized programming, inclusive placement, dental, health, nutrition, developmental, family support and social services. Services available to children aged birth to 5 years in low income families.


Phone: (304) 233-4550

Fax: 233-3719

Website: http://www.wvheadstart.org/


The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY) - National information and referral center that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals. Focus is on children and youth (birth to age 22).


Phone: 1-800-695-0285

Website: www.nichcy.org


Education (K-12)


West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Special Education - Responsible for ensuring that appropriate instruction and support are provided to students with disabilities. Statewide management, monitoring and technical support for special education programs. Administration of due process and mediation. Find information about Policy 2419 - Regulations for the Education of Exceptional Students and links to state and federal programs and resources on the website listed below.


Phone: (304) 558-2696

Fax: (304) 558-3741

Website: http://wvde.state.wv.us/ose/


West Virginia Advisory Council for the Education of Exceptional Children - State advisory council as mandated under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The Council evaluates educational services in West Virginia and advises decision makers regarding the unmet needs of students with disabilities. The Council facilitates public meetings, develops reports, informational materials and works cooperatively with the WV Department of Education. The Council is composed of members appointed by the State Superintendent of Schools.

Phone: (304) 746-2076 or 1-800-642-3642 TDD (304) 746-2008

WV Safe Schools HELPLINE - A 24- hour, toll-free number for all of West Virginia for confidentially reporting information that may be harmful to students, staff or school property. Threats of violence, use of weapons, sexual harassment, drug use or other harmful behavior should be reported.

Phone: 1-866-723-3982 (1-866-SAFEWVA)


Medicaid, Social Security and Other Entitlement Programs


Access WV

Website: http://www.wvinsurance.gov/accesswv

Benefits Connection


WV Bureau for Medical Services
- State medical services program as mandated under the West Virginia Code and Social Security Act. Medicaid, behavioral health, home health and Children with Disabilities Services Program (formerly TEFRA).


Phone: (304) 558-1700

Website: www.wvdhhr.org/bms 


WV Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) - Free or low cost health plan for children from birth to age 19 in low income families. Insurance plan covers preventive care, immunizations, prescriptions, hospital visits, dental, vision and mental health services.


Phone: 1-877-982-2447 (1-877-WV CHIP) 

Website: www.wvchip.org


Social Security Administration - Assistance and information about government benefits including Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability (SSD) programs. Medicaid, CHIP and other health care services and resources.


Website: http://www.socialsecurity.gov/ 

WV Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health - Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT), care for pregnant women and newborns through the first year of life and children with chronic health conditions through a statewide clinical network. Assistance to families and their children (birth to 21) in accessing benefits and linkage to community services and resources.


Phone: (304) 558-5388 or (800) 624-9704

Fax: (304) 558-2866

Website: www.wvdhhr.org/mcfh


Case Management and Community Services and Supports


Title XIX ID/DD Home and Community-Base Waiver Program - Community service coordination, respite, residential habilitation, community residential habilitation, adult companion services, environmental accessibility adaptations, medical and psychological services, nursing , day habilitation, supported employment and transportation services. Information about application process and eligibility. Program manuals are available by contacting the local behavioral health center or the State MR/DD Waiver Office.


Phone: (304) 800-461-0655 or 304-380-0617
Fax: (304) 343-9010



WV Office of Social Services - Support services for children and families. Protective services, early intervention, foster care, specialized family care, child care, adoption, legal assistance and other supports and services.


Fax: (304) 558-4577

Website: http://www.wvdhhr.org/bcf


Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities (DD Services)- Information and linkage to community case management, crisis services, family support, behavior support, and crisis intervention services.


Phone: (304) 558-0627

Website: http://www.dhhr.wv.gov/bhhf/Pages/default.aspx


Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities, (Children’s Mental Health Services) - Serving children diagnosed as Severely Emotionally Disturbed and their families. Linkage to the statewide service system of mental health programs including referral, assessment, inpatient and outpatient services.


Phone: (304) 558-0627

Website: http://www.dhhr.wv.gov/bhhf/sections/programs/ProgramsPartnerships/ChildandAdolescent/Pages/ChildAdolescentBehavioralHealth.aspx


WV University Center for Excellence in Disabilities - Positive behavior support training, consultation and assistance with public schools. Specialized health care coordination and services.


Phone/TDD: (304) 293-4692 or (800) 841-8436

Website: www.cedwvu.org


The WV Autism Training Center, Marshall University - College of Education and Human Services. Training, information and support for West Virginians with autism, their families, educators and others.


Phone: (304) 696-2332 or (800) 344-5115 (WV only)

Website: http://www.marshall.edu/atc/


Brain Injury Association of West Virginia, Inc. - State chartered organization dedicated to providing education, advocacy and support to persons with brain and spinal cord injuries and their families. Toll-free help line to provide information about support groups, case management, crisis services, health care and psychiatric services in West Virginia and nationwide.


Phone: (304) 766-4892 Toll Free in WV - 1-800-356-6443

Website: http://www.biausa.org/WVirginia/ 

WV Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Programs for children and youth who are deaf or hard of hearing. Information and referral, family support, educational services, interpreter services and telephonic communication device loan program.


Phone: (304) 822-8565 or (877) 461-3578

Website: www.wvdhhr.org/wvcdhh 


Assistive Technology


West Virginia Assistive Technology System (WVATS) - Information and referral, toll free hotline, funding, training and education about AT devices and services. Linkage to regional resource centers, lending libraries and tech teams to assist consumers and families. The WVATS is a project funded by the US Department of Education and coordinated by the WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities.


Phone: Voice and TDD - (304) 293-4692 or (800) 841-8436

Website: http://www.cedwvu.org/programs/wvats/


Partnerships in Assistive Technologies (PATHS) - Coalition of West Virginia agencies and organizations interested in increasing the availability of and access to assistive technology. Technical assistance, training, information and referral and systems change initiatives.


Phone: 1-800-841-8436

Website: http://www.pat.org/

WV Office of Special Education - Information and assistance for accessing appropriate AT equipment for school aged children. Technical assistance to school personnel and programs.


Phone: (304) 558-2696

Website: http://wvde.state.wv.us/osp/


ABLEDATA - Information, resources, research, support and training about assistive technology. Publications and consumer product reviews. Nationwide database.


Phone: 1-800-227-0216

Website: www.abledata.com


National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research - Information and referral, research projects, public policy advocacy related to assistive technology to increase access to employment, healthcare and independent living.


Phone: Voice: (202) 205-8134 TTY: (202) 205-4475

Website:  http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/nidrr/index.html 

Information Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center - Organization that promotes the development of accessible electronic and information technology by providing technical assistance, training and educational services. Informational workshops, conferences and AT related publications.


Phone: Toll Free - 866-9-ITTATC (948-8282) Voice and TTY

Website: www.ittatc.org


National Rehabilitation Information Center - Information and referral service including access to database of more than 70,000 assistive technology products and resources. Education about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), advocacy projects and funding.

Phone: 1-800-346-2742

Website: www.naric.com




West Virginia Division of Natural Resources - Information and assistance about accessible fishing, hunting and camping areas. Parks and forest information, hunting and fishing licenses for persons with disabilities. Fish stocking schedules, boating and other information.


Phone: (304) 558-2754

Website: http://www.wvdnr.gov


West Virginia Division of Tourism - Lodging, restaurants, attractions and events around the state. Accessibility information for public parks and recreation areas. Information about snow sports, white water rafting, biking and walking trails.



Website: www.callwva.com


National Center on Accessibility - Organization committed to the full participation in parks, recreation and tourism by people with disabilities. Education, technical assistance, research and information and referral services. Information on key legislation including the Architectural Barriers Act, Rehabilitation Act, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.


Phone: (812) 856-4422 TTY: (812) 856-4421

Website: www.ncaonline.org


The National Park Service - Federal bureau in The Department of the Interior responsible for protection of the national parks, monuments, rivers, reservations and other lands. Accessibility resources and assistance.


Phone: (202) 208-6843

Website: www.nps.gov