Partners in Policymaking is a leadership program for adults with developmental disabilities and parents of young children with developmental disabilities. Partners become familiar with the policymaking and legislative process at the local, state and federal levels. The program teaches skills necessary for individuals to become advocates who can influence the system of services for people with developmental disabilities.

The program begins in September and runs through April. One two-day training session will be held each month, beginning at noon on Friday and ending on Saturday afternoon. All sessions are held at a centrally located hotel in Charleston, WV. People who live more than 100 miles away may elect to participate in some sessions by webinar. Meals and lodging are provided and stipends for transportation, personal assistance services and respite care are available upon request. (For more complete details regarding expenses covered, please refer to the application HERE.) EDIT: At this time, all sessions of PIP will be held virtually.

Want more information?  View the Partners in Policymaking Brochure or read PIP graduate testimonials.   

Partners in Policymaking Brochure 

Partners in Policymaking Graduate Testimonials