Current Grant Projects

The Council administers federal funds to develop and support innovative practices that promote the independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in their communities.
The issues and priorities identified by the Council for grant projects are based on the Council’s Five Year State Plan.
The Council typically funds short and long term (up to three years) grants, training events, and stipends for persons with developmental disabilities and their families to attend conferences and workshops.
Grants are expected to demonstrate new methods for supporting people with developmental disabilities, have statewide impact, be replicable, and not replace the responsibility of another agency or legal mandate.
Current grants include:

Grantee - The Arc of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Inc. People First of WV

A statewide self-advocacy initiative led by people with developmental disabilities that provides training and support for people with developmental disabilities on issues related to self-advocacy, self-determination, employment, healthcare, education, access to places and programs, and public policies.   For further information, contact: Liz Ford, Executive Director (

Grantee - Center for Human Engagement  A Statewide Approach to Trauma-Informed Practices for Supporting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD

 A project to expand access to quality trauma-informed practices for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities by developing and implementing a statewide plan, and providing trauma-informed training to current behavior professionals.  For further information, contact: Margaret Moore, Ed. D. (

Grantee - City of St. Albans Saint Albans on Purpose

A project to demonstrate how West Virginia communities can receive the contributions of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in order to improve community life for all citizens, and how people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities can build relationships and increase their capacity to contribute to their communities.  For further information, contact: Angela Breeden (

Grantee - Fair Shake Network, Inc. Statewide Cross-Disability Advocacy Organization

An association of West Virginians dedicated to a "fair shake" for people with disabilities.  Its mission is to educate policymakers and the public about disability issues and to empower people with disabilities to speak for themselves.  For further information, contact: Paul Smith (

Grantee - Vocational Services, Inc. Student Success Project

A project to allow parents, students, and stakeholders who have been told "not to expect too much" of their family member to watch local success stories about sons and daughters like their own and to talk to other parents of family members who have been given negative prognoses about success in life, but who have prevailed none-the-less.  The project will also develop and connect effective parent mentors with families who are struggling.  For further information, contact: Jeff McCroskey (