About Us

​The Council’s mission is to assure that West Virginia citizens with developmental disabilities receive the services, supports, and other forms of assistance they need to exercise self-determination and achieve independence, productivity, integration and inclusion in the community.

The WV Developmental Disabilities Council is a 32 member organization that was established by an Executive Order of the Governor on March 6, 1972. The Council is authorized and funded by the Federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (P.L. 106-402). It is administratively supported by the WV Department of Health and Human Resources.

It does this in four major ways:    

​​1. ​including people with developmental disabilities and their families in the development of policies and programs

2. analyzing needs and advocates for improvements to the human service system

3. providing training and technical assistance to build competent and inclusive communities  
4. ​providing grants to community organizations to demonstrate innovative services and practices​

Over 60% of the Council is comprised of citizens with developmental disabilities and family members of people with developmental disabilities. These members are appointed by the Governor and serve terms of up to four years. The remaining members represent State and private organizations concerned with the provision of services to people with developmental disabilities.