Past Grant Projects

Think Kids, WV  Including All Kids: Transforming Health Care Delivery Systems for Children with Special Health Care Needs in West Virginia

Health problems that adversely affect the well-being of children and youth with developmental disabilities set the stage for life as adults that may be further, and perhaps unnecessarily, compromised. Research shows that a higher number of children with developmental disabilities are socially and economically disadvantaged, meaning that they may lack the resources necessary to address health care and health-related issues, and they may lack the community services and social supports to access needed care. Additionally, people with developmental​ disabilities often have co-existing or concurrent health conditions. The vast majority of medically fragile children who have complex special health care needs are being cared for by their families in their community. These children may lack the ability to vocalize their needs; they may be cared for by parents or caregivers with lower educational attainment, and so, they may lack the ability to articulate their health issues with healthcare providers. Families are relied upon to provide numerous, complex tasks related to the care of their child with periodic support from health care institutions and professionals. A continuing goal of the Including All Kids: Transforming Health Care Delivery Systems for Children with Special Health Care Needs in West Virginia project is for improved awareness and understanding of health care needs of children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and of what is being done to address the challenges facing these children in experiencing good health during early and adolescent years and growing into healthy adults. Also, our goal is to coalesce stakeholders from both the health care system and the disabilities community to advance reform to the pediatric health care system to meet their needs. 

Kelli Caseman, Executive Director (

City of St. Albans Saint Albans on Purpose Project

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have historically experienced high rates of abuse, unemployment, and health problems, and are at risk for social isolation that can contribute to these negative experiences. By increasing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to participate in community improvement projects with their nondisabled peers, the City of St. Albans will demonstrate how people with developmental disabilities are assets that can make valuable contributions to civic life, improve their own relationships, and build the resilience and trust that is the foundation of a strong community. This project aims to increase the capacity of the St. Albans and Nitro communities to be inclusive of citizens with developmental disabilities, and to develop products that can be used by various stakeholders to accomplish similar objectives across West Virginia.
On Purpose Project​

Center for Human Engagement  A Statewide Approach to Trauma-Informed Practices for Supporting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD

 A project to expand access to quality trauma-informed practices for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities by developing and implementing a statewide plan, and providing trauma-informed training to current behavior professionals.  
Margaret Moore, Ed. D. (