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 Restoring Safety in a Vulnerable Population

Grantee:  Child and Youth Advocacy Center, http://childandyouthadvocacy.org

Project:  Restoring Safety in a Vulnerable Population (RSVP)

Purpose of Project:  This project seeks to improve the health, safety and welfare of children with developmental disabilities by improving the quality of interventions carried out by local multi-disciplinary investigative teams (MDITs).  The RSVP Project was developed in response to growing concerns and factual evidence that children with developmental disabilities are at high risk of sexual and other forms of abuse, and that incidences of abuse and neglect are under-reported.  Abuse prevention training will be conducted for a wide range of human services personnel.  Additionally, long term public policy recommendations will be developed including necessary collaboration between the major responsible State and local agencies.

Contact Information:  Monica Acord, Co-Director, Child and Youth Advocacy Center, 304-645-4668 or